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Trader's Essentials

Here is what you will get immediately after subscription:

● Dynamic system installation.
● Dynamic Live installation.
● Dynamic Live 1.1 version, 2.1 version, 3.1 version navigation video's - Link.
● Dynamic System method - Training material.
● Online workshop connectivity setup and session on the same to check connectivity and other parameters.

Additional Benefits of becoming a Dynamic Super Power Trader Member

● Access to Dynamic Super Power Trading lessons throughout the year
● Access to a Dynamic Super Power Trading library where members get access to old lessons and training videos
● Latest updated versions of Dynamic system will be provided free of cost
● Latest updated versions of Dynamic Live will be available at a discounted price for existing members.
● Golden Dynamic Members club: Dynamic Super Power Trader - Achievers Certification for those who achieve 283% returns in 30 days in options trading or 283% returns in 8-12 weeks in futures trading.

Plus you'll Get over Rs. 9,14,612.00/- in Real Value Trader's Essentials

Let us think a bit more practical for a few minutes. Let us have a straight forward and practical discussion, this will help us understand where we stand and what we are supposed to do to achieve lifelong success.

Why do we trade? Have you ever tried to answer this question?

We don't trade just to earn some profits, we trade to earn consistently throughout our lifetime to fulfil our dreams. Goal setting is very important, even before we start thinking about trading. And at the same time we must also make sure that the goal setting is for a Long term.

After all this, we finally trade to achieve our end goal, to reach our destiny, to fulfil our dreams.

But for us to do that we must undergo real training. Real training means, that which really provides a positive end result, which is not fake, which will help us in achieving our goal.

Through this real training you will gain all the required knowledge to start trading. We all know that half knowledge is more dangerous than zero knowledge. So it becomes very important have complete and practical knowledge before we start our trading.

After undergoing training, one must know how to walk the success path. To do things the right way and to attain success for a lifetime, one must have knowledge of:


Essential 1 - Lifetime Access to Dynamic Library and Member's Area (Value 58,000.00/-)

Members Area - "The place for Redemption"
● Here you will have access to the complete Dynamic Super Power Trading method video's.
● Dynamic Library - Here you can access many important training materials from our previous workshops and also regular Lessons throughout the year..
● Access to Dynamic live navigation video's.
● Online session video's - If in case you miss out any online session, then you can recap by watching the online session videos.

This is your lifetime guide to successful trading. The more you access them, the more you will become confident in trading.


Essential 2 - Next Trading Action Plan (NAP) & Training (Value 5,500.00/-)

Most of the traders always take impulsive trading decisions. They try to track each and every news in the market. They follow all those indicators, software's and methodologies about which they don't even have any clue. So while following it, they try to take trading decision in real-time market. And after this if the price reverses against them, they start thinking about the next action. Many times they exit their position since they are not able to handle the stress. This leads to panic, fear and finally loses.

● So not having a plan for the next day's trading is as good as gambling.
● Here you will learn how to plan for tomorrow's trading today itself.
● By just spending 15 minutes every day and that too in post market hours.

This will give you complete clarity for the next day's trading and you will be able to develop an action plan for any kind of price movement or situations. You will be able to understand the different pressure points in the market and the different action plans for different situations. Once you are ready and clear with this, then tomorrow's trading is very peaceful and trading becomes an enjoyable profession. All you have to do is follow your action plan or make someone follow your action.
"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." -Robert H. Schuller


Essential 3 - Method management & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

This is the most crucial point where maximum traders go wrong because of their negligence. After having learnt the complete method and once you start trading, over a period of time there are chances that you will forget some of the crucial points as per the method. Because the disturbance around you will always try to break your focus. This will result in total wrong trades and you will reach a level from where it will become almost impossible to recover.

In method management you will learn how to continue doing the right trades consistently without any diversion from the actual method. This will help you become mentally very strong and you won't lose your focus. After you learn this, you will see that profit making would have become a habit.


Essential 4 - Add/Remove planner for F&O trading & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

● Almost every expert says, being greedy cannot lead you to success.
● They are absolutely right.
● At the same time without greed one cannot move forward.

But controlled greed is always welcome, provided one knows how to control it.
Always understand, we are not here to just make some profit by trying to earn some peanut size returns every month so that life moves on. We are here to reach our destiny. An investment must grow and it should also generate an income. Growth with income cannot be achieved without
understanding this subject of Add/ Remove. At every crucial stage of growth it is very important to step up or increase the quantity that we trade. Having said that many of you must be dreaming big.

But always remember when you have learnt to accelerate the speed, you must also know how to slow down at every turning point. Only then you will be able to drive your success story till the end or else accidental death is for sure. So it is very important to know when to reduce the quantity.


Essential 5 - Trading Exercise Planner & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

If you want to become a successful trader, then you must master your trading method. It is very important to regularly do trading exercise, if you want to master the Dynamic Super Power Trading method or any other method.

At a stage when your investment has grown considerably and when you plan to add few more scripts in your portfolio, it is very crucial to perform trading exercise before you start trading in those new scripts. It will help you to understand and get used to the price fluctuation of the new script that you plan to trade.

It finally helps you to overcome all the confusion, panic and fear which you will come across in real-time trading.

"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." -John Keats


>Essential 6 - Portfolio diversification Planner & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

Do you all want to earn like Warren buffet?
"To reduce risk, portfolio diversification is very important."
Is this what you are expecting us to say?
It is very important to understand the system that we work in, if not after a beautiful growth story suddenly and unknowingly your story will end before the end is near.

Most of them think understanding the margin requirements, knowing the daily price range, trading with stop losses, is the real knowledge about trading and the system of trading. But not many know that while trading in a single script in future segment there are limitation on the maximum quantity one can trade.

It is very important to understand when to diversify and in which stock to diversify. So in portfolio diversification planner, you will learn how to have a smooth sailing when the actual hurdles show their ugly face. Without learning this there are very bright chances of you just falling short of reaching your end goal and inf act you will go back to the beginning.


Essential 7 - Trading plan & routine Planner plus Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

Trading planner is not about planning your trades based on the Tips and calls that you receive or planning your trade according to the experts view.

It is planning your activities is such a sequence that trading becomes a more enjoyable profession.

If you sit for preparing a next action plan just before the market opens, it will not help you. If you plan to switch to few more scripts when the balance has actually increased then it will not help you as well.

It is very important to plan up and practice priorly just before the balance reaches a point where you need to add more scripts under your portfolio.

So trading planner is the ultimate routine which makes sure that you follow every procedure to reach your end goal. This will help you plan up things like when to prepare NAP, when and how to prepare for method management, how much time and how frequently you have to follow trading exercise planner. This is infact is the discipline in trading.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."-Alan Lakein


Essential 8 - Pay-out planning & Planner plus Training (Value Rs 18,000.00/-)

Trading and investment in financial market is a business like any other business. A business is not complete if it does not generate regular income.
A successful trader is the one who takes regular payouts from the profits generated through trading. Here you will learn the secrets of when to take payouts and how much money should be taken as a payout.

This is not any theoretical financial planning, this is a practical way of planning your life. That's the reason it has been told that Dynamic Super Power Trading is just not any trading method, but it is the way of life.

Monthly payouts are required to fulfil our day to day expenses.
Quarterly payouts are required for savings and to meet any unexpected expenses like health issues and much more.
Yearly payouts are required to increase our savings, to meet children's educational requirements, for vacations and many more.
Retirement planning is to make sure that at the end our capital grows to a stage where it can help us live a happy and peaceful retirement life.
But remember, this complete goal must be achieved with the single initial investment made after becoming a Dynamic member.


Essential 9 - Knowledge transfer to your next generation - Planner plus Training (Value 5,500.00)

"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves." -Steven Spielberg

Knowledge transfer to your younger generation:
Most of us know that by 2020 India will become the youngest country in the world with approximately more than 464 millions of youngsters. Today every third person in any Indian city is a youth. Our country's future depends on these youngsters. Their future depends on how we train them, educate them.

Transferring our knowledge and experience to our younger generation is the most important work of our life. It is not any material knowledge which we must transfer, but the real knowledge.
We must teach them reality, truth, right from the beginning. All those realities which we did not understand during our initial stages and because of which we ended up making lots of mistakes and ended up with one after another trouble.
Finally, after we took the right decision at the end by becoming a Dynamic member, after understanding many realities which led us to our success, it is time for us to transfer this knowledge and experience to our younger generation.
We must train them in such a way that they grow up, learn only the right things, always take the right decisions, and excel even 100 times better than us.
Here you will learn those different ways in which we transfer our knowledge to the next generation in the right way.
Remember, our country's future is in the hands of this younger generation. It all depends on how we transfer our knowledge to them.

Essential 10 - Dynamic Live 1.1 Standard version (Value Rs 87,622.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Spread Trading Method

Essential 11 - Dynamic Live 2.1 Professional version (Value Rs 1,77,500.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Trader Method

Essential 12 - Dynamic Live 3.1 Enterprise Version (Value Rs 4,39,990.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Super Power Trading Method

Essential 13 - Dynamic System 6.1 (Value Rs 95,000.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Positional Trading Method