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DYNAMIC Ravichandran

● 23 Yrs of Trading Experience in Stock Market
● Creator of Dynamic System - Stock Market Auto Analysis Tool
● Creator of Dynamic LIVE - Intraday Global Software
● Awarded the prestigious title - "THE DOVEMAN OF INDIA" in 1997
● Author of the famous book - "THE SECRET OF FAKE CURRENCY"

About the creator Mr RAVICHANDRAN.

He have seen multi facets of life and from each lesson he came across during his life journey, kept on transforming himself starting from various stages to become a world renowned MAGICIAN 'DOVE MAN OF INDIA' famed, an AUTHOR, AN EDITOR of a monthly magazine to a SOCIAL WORKER to a SUCCESSFUL TRADER to a CREATOR OF DYNAMIC SYSTEM - Stock Market Auto Analysis Tool, Creator of Dynamic LIVE 1.1 and Dynamic Live 2.1 Dynamic Trader Method - Intraday Global Software to BECOME A MEMBER OF ONE OF THE INDIA'S ESTEEMED EXCHANGE and A PHILANTHROPIST. Most of the people will throw a simple word, it's all happened because of sheer LUCK or FATE but in the case of Mr. RAVICHANDRAN it's not the luck or fate but his hard work, dedication, focus and more over the fire within him to ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN HIS WORKS.

Member of Exchange

Today Mr Ravichandran is one among the elite trader and a member of India's esteemed Exchange.


The Creator

The immense experience and the way he learned the science of trading and the market movements has sowed a seed in his mind like 'why not I give all my learning a shape in the form of a mechanical/automatic system so that it can be useful for the fellow traders?' this one idea has made him to work in that direction and by spending his hard earned money, knowledge, idea and major part of life time he brought at the very first "Dynamic System 3.3" an EOD trading system which became the traders personal guide and from there he got the next idea to make it an online real time trading system which can capture the real time market movements earnings. So he tie-up with worlds top software giants from USA, HONG-KONG and CHINA to bring the worlds one and only and unchallenging global intraday trading software, "Dynamic Live" one interesting factor is when the Dynamic Live was under personal testing period the benefit it brought to the creator is it brought the membership of one of India's esteemed Exchange.

Today he has created advanced versions of Dynamic System from 3.3 Version to Dynamic System 5.1, Dynamic System 6.1 and now Dynamic System 7.1 (under development) and Dynamic Live 1.1 Standard Trader version, Dynamic Live 2.1 Professional Trader version to Dynamic Live 3.1 Enterprise Trader version and Dynamic Super Power Trading.

A Successful Trader

As a trader when Mr Ravichandran started his career, not just jumped in to the 95% herd mentality group who lose money consistently in the market but started observing the methodologies about how to do the profitable trading? And he started learning the intricacies of trading. So this knowledge has made him to strive himself to explore still more in to understand how a trader can earn without losing the hard earned fortunes in the form of wealth, health or other related aspects of life. He had a track record of consistent gaining trader in the firms he traded.

Social Worker

Being left the home an early age, Mr Ravichandran having first-hand experience about the pains of the homeless children and down the line established two NGO Organisations - "SERVE INDIA, "BHARATH ARTS ASSOCIATION" and INDIAN TRADITIONAL, CULTURAL and SOCIAL ORGANIZATION - LOVE INDIA. Through these NGO's promoted ART, TALENT and built a free school for physically challenged, orphans and socially deprived children. He educated many of the children in magic who are outstanding in the arena of Magic.


Though his academic studies have been stopped at an early age but not his thirst ever ended till today in the arena of real education. In the journey as an author Mr.Ravichandran has written 18 books about diversified subjects like magic, social awareness, science and other issues. One of his milestone books is about a burning issue of INDIA till today. "The SECRETS of FAKE CURRENCY" which will give the in-depth knowledge about the fake currency rackets happening in India. Most of his books translated in to English and other languages also. All his books were promoted by Karnataka State Government, Raja Ram Mohan Roy library, Kolkata a Govt. undertaken library and Delhi Govt. National library. Along with this he ran a socio responsible monthly magazine 'ONDHU NIMISHA'.

Magician- The Dove Man of India

Ravichandran is the only disciple of the Late Dynamic Ramesh who was internationally famous for his incredible dove productions. When the other magicians of his group were exhibiting their talent with objects, his perform with the living DOVES use to awestruck the audience. Ravichandran is smooth, polished and claiming attention from the start when, with bewildering speed, he produces a display of doves, cards, balls & cigarettes at his fingertips. You will raise eyebrows too, when doves appear from thin air & vanish just as mysteriously. His dedication towards magic has paid back its gratitude with 'DOVEMAN OF INDIA' title. He not only become famous just by himself but trained more than 4000+ students from all walks of the life irrespective of poor or rich and today many of his students are creating their impression in the world of magic across the globe.