Free training on
How to regain your lost money in stock market?

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Free training on How to regain your lost money in stock market?
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in Bangalore on 5th 26th Wed & 27th Thu Dec 2018
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Venue: Doveman Group, #101,1st Floor, Margosa Mansion, No 98, Margosa Road, 3rd Main, 15th cross, Malleshwaram, Bangalore - 560003
Date:26th Wed & 27th Thu Dec 2018
Timing: 4:00 PM - 7:00 pm
Reporting Time: 3:30 pm
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In this training you will learn:
• The truth about how people lose money.
• The truth about how you have come to this situation today.
• The most practical and bare minimum knowledge about stock market which is essential to make profits.
• Understanding different price movements and scenarios which is essential to take the right decision on when to enter into a trade and when to exit from a trade.
• The four different categories of people trying to regain their lost money.
• The most realistic and practical approach to regain your lost money and also your lost status depending on the category that you belong.
• A path-breaking solution to a fifth category of people who belong to the economically weaker section, students, unemployed and so on, who wish to grow their wealth starting from a very small and negligible capital.


Today most of the traders are losing money following many charts and softwares, expert advice, Trading Tips & calls, algorithmic trading and many more.


It is because they could not find solutions for:


Crashes & Rallies, GAP up & GAP down, Quarterly results & Economic announcements, False price breakouts, Sideways market, Unexpected sharp moves.


Don't you think that these were the reason because of which you lost money even after following many trading methods?

Is there anything which can tell you the direction a day before any major moves?

Which can tell you the direction much before any major event or announcement?

There is no study, methodology or software in this world today which has found a solution for this.


This is a world challenge.


There is only one solution to this and that is

Dynamic Super Power Trading



  •  Crashes & Rallies

    Are you among those who commit suicide/lost everything when market crashes?

  •  GAP up & GAP down

    Have you ever thought about having the right position just before the GAP up or GAP down.

  •  Quarterly results & Economic announcements

    Every Quarterly result are a trap for the traders no matter if the results are in expected lines or the opposite.

  •  False price breakouts

    Have you ever heard this term "False price breakout"?

  •  Sideways market

    What is the point of identifying sideways movement after it happens?

  •  Unexpected sharp moves

    "Even the slightest move in the market does not go unmarked by Dynamic Live & Dynamic System"


    Are you looking for a right strategy to earn big returns on your investment?

    Are you a full time trader looking for ways to capture complete movement in the market?

    Are you a retired person or a house wife looking for ways to earn regular income in your free time?

    Are you a Tips and Call service provider looking for ways to multiply your business revenue?

    Are you a Stock broker? Are you serious about growing your business by multi-fold?


    If your answers have been yes,

Then...You are at the right place at the right time!

Have you been burned by trading Tips and Calls in the past that promised the world, but failed to deliver the results?

Are you guilty of wasting your money on low ticket charting data feeds and charting softwares hoping that you will finally find the secret to trading success?

Do you find yourself consistently trying too many research advisories and automated softwares with no results?

Here's the deal

The Problem is, not you!

The real problem is that you are trying to find the answers in the wrong places...

Why I Hate Indicators, So Much is because...

"There is no point in watering a dead flower" - Dean Steeds

Unfortunately, many of the low - ticket softwares out there don't deliver because almost all of them are meant only to sell but not to provide results, and some are even worse...
...based solely on theory...

"The Horse which has not won- Will Never Win"

In order to find success, you need to learn from someone who has already achieved the level of success you are looking for.

Not only that, but that person has to be willing to show you exactly how they have become successful!

(A lot gurus don't teach you the same methods they use for trading since they themselves are not confident)
I've become really fed up with all of the wrong information and junk out there...
So, every few months, I work personally with investors and traders from across the country, to give them the path to success.

I follow this same path every single day in my trading.
I take these members under my wing and show them the inner workings of Dynamic system and Dynamic Live...
I give them the exact procedure which I have personally used to grow my investment every day, month after month, year after year.
The members who have followed my trading plan the same way I used to have seen HUGE results.

The Problem is... give someone the one-on-one attention they need to get success, I usually charge few lakhs of Rupees for my time... Unfortunately, many people just can't afford to spend this kind of money. They want and need help from an expert trader, but that type of fee is out of the question. I love this field of Stock markets and trading and I love helping other traders see success.
Because I was there...
I know what it's like to struggle...

If I would not have had a mentor like my master several years ago, I would not be where I'm today.
Due to the massive success I have seen in trading by following my own Dynamic system and Dynamic Live, I've decided to put together a group of coaching program and give you the best.

It is a general tendency of many people to disdain the reality, because reality bites. After all these years of your trading experience, feel this reality which will bite you deep down inside. The reality is, "You can earn 283% returns in options trading every 30 trading days, you can earn 283% returns in futures trading every 8 to 12 weeks." To understand and realise this truth one has to understand "Change".

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." --John F. Kennedy

The stock markets have changed, it changes every year. But not many notice it. The kind of profits one could make some years back and to that one can make today. For example if we look at Index and Index options, in the year 2006 there was a crash. In that crash options had given an opportunity to make 3000% returns during the crash. Again there was a huge crash in 2008 which was never witnessed before, but in this crash one could have made very less returns compared to 2006 crash.

Similarly In 2009 rally one could have made more than 1500% in options. At the same time in 2014 election rally the move was even bigger than ever before but it gave very less returns compared to any big moves of earlier days.

Even if you start doing a deep research to understand this phenomenon and try to make benefit out of it. By the time you finish your research and conclude on it, things would have changed. Your research would have become outdated.

"All appears to change when we change." -Henri Frederic Amiel

Why stick to outdated ways of trading and waste your time and money. In market there are 47 phases of fluctuations. Whatever changes happen in present or in future, all of them fall under these 47 phases. To capture all the moves and to keep capturing for decades after decades to come. This is the place.

"Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant." -Anthony J D'Angelo

Why Dynamic System and Dynamic Live?

Just 3 points about Dynamic Options to make 283% profit every 30 days.

Many traders believe that trading in options is very tough. Many experts suggest that to trade in options successfully, one need to know those hundreds of options trading strategies.
But do you know that you need to know just 3 points about options to make profits when you have Dynamic System and Dynamic live with you?

Have you ever thought about learning the art of selecting strike price? Has any expert ever thought you about this? We explain this in just 3 sentences. Yes forget those age old strategies which have never shown you results. Follow the simplest, the ultimate way of making money in Options.

Do you still fear GAP up and GAP down in market?

Here is the end to it....

Traders feel betrayed when there is a GAP up or GAP down in market. They would have either missed out the opportunity of trading on big moves or most of them would've been on the wrong side of the market resulting in huge and sudden losses. There are other categories of traders who trade after the GAP movement - GAP trading strategies.

But have you ever thought about having the right position just before the GAP up or GAP down. Do you know that it is possible to know every GAP up or GAP down in market much before it happens?

Dynamic System and Dynamic live is the only tool in this world which will help you make money in these sudden and huge moves in market.

What is the point of identifying sideways movement after it happens?

Most traders or analyst think that they have proven their expertise by identifying sideways market after it has started moving sideways or after they lost some money in sideways fluctuation.

Have you ever thought about a system which tells you when sideways is approaching; when sideways has started; when sideways movement has come to an end.

Dynamic live does this, which no other expert in the world could do till date.

Auto trading - Profit making machine

Many believe these days that by following some auto trading method one can simply earn profits without much effort. But not many know the reality that these so called auto trading methods are once again built on those same outdated indicators and tools. Most of them who have designed these Auto trading methods have themselves not tried trading on it, because they are scared of losing money. And instead selling, automated trading software's seems to be easy way to make money for them. Making profits in stock market is not as easy as purchasing some data feed for 300 to 400 rupees and designing an auto trading platform. Those who think this way and design methods after methods and those who follow it are simply wasting their time and money.

How many of you have made consistent profit following some auto trading method? If you have not then ask yourself... How long do you want to miss your fortune trades, without a Dynamic live with you?

"There is no point watering the dead flower." By, Dean Steed

Identifying trend turning points - "Even the slightest move in the market does not go unmarked by Dynamic live"

By plotting trend lines one can only judge or to some extent confirm that trend has changed. But what is the point in identifying it after it has changed. More over on which time frame do you check this to say that trend has changed?

The latest trend these days is to identify wave patterns to point out the exact trend changing points in market. But is there anyone who can exactly point out the trend changing point using there so called wave theory before it could happen? In fact most of these so called experts point out everything after it has happened.

Why think about identifying trend changing point? Why not think about buying at the low and selling at the high?

Dynamic Live and Dynamic System tells you as and when it is happening and it also tells you on what action needs to be taken.

Quarterly Results: Do or Die - Trading

Experts say, "If you do it correctly, you can make a lot of money in few days just by trading quarterly results. A stock can go up 10% on a single day when a company reports good earnings." They also say, "Trading quarterly results is a high risk, high reward style of trading. If you are a risk averse investor who cannot tolerate a 10% loss on a single day, then you should not trade on quarterly results. This is not to say trading quarterly results is not profitable."

At last what are they trying to say? The problem here is that no one really knows how to trade on quarterly results and make profits consistently except Dynamic Live members. Dynamic Live members know just one thing and that is - Just make money, no matter what happens to quarterly results as they know much before the results are announced, exactly which direction the market is going to move.

Optimum Dynamic funds Allocation

For many traders the word Money Management may sound strange and new, for some it may sound as a well know trendy word used these days by many analysts and brokers, for some others this word may sound irritating. But the reality is not many know about its importance.

A good trading system or strategy is worthless without a method of managing your money. But at the same time it also doesn't mean that it will slow down your chances of earning big profits.
All you have to do is follow Dynamic super power trading - training program. When you follow the rules of Optimum Dynamic funds Allocation which will be thought in the training, then you will understand that, by maintaining discipline you will still be able to achieve 283% returns.

Intraday trading for quick bucks - Gambling?

Most traders these days or even in the past trade for some quick bucks, for example in Bank nifty they trade for 50 to 100 points, similarly in silver they trade for 50 to 100 points. By trying to do this they almost end up losing everything they have.

What is the point in trading for 50 to 100 points when the stock or commodity moves by 1000 to 2000 points in a very short span of time? Moreover has anyone succeeded in achieving this consistently? Are we here to grow our capital or to fulfil our thirst for trading?
Have you ever thought about gaining 9000 points in a script which has moved 5000 points from low to high?
Have you?...Have you?
Join "Dynamic Super Power Trader" training program. Here you'll see it for yourself.

News & Events - a nightmare

Some say news and Events based trading is a profitable trading technique in Stocks, Commodities & currencies. But when it fails then they say it's now insider trading. Is there anyone who can tell, what exactly will be the outcome of any news or event before it could happen?

Why do you want to become a scapegoat? Just follow Dynamic System and Dynamic Live, be in a position to trade and show others the outcome of any news or event in terms of your profits earned.

Market crash! Blood bath in Dalal Street...

Are you among those who commit suicide when market crashes? Or Are you the one who keeps saying, "I knew it, I told you that market is going to crash" but doesn't do anything?

Do you want to be among those who make money even if there is sudden crash or big crash in the market by just following Dynamic System and Dynamic live?