Even The Slightest Move In The Market Does Not Go Unmarked By The DYNAMIC SYSTEM and DYNAMIC LIVE


Today most of the traders are losing money following many charts and softwares, expert advice, Trading Tips & calls, algorithmic trading and many more.

It is because they could not find solutions for:

Crashes & Rallies, GAP up & GAP down, Quarterly results & Economic announcements, False price breakouts, Sideways market, Unexpected sharp moves

Don't you think that these were the reason because of which you lost money even after following many trading methods?

Is there anything which can tell you the direction a day before any major moves? Is there anything which can tell you the direction much before any major event or announcement?
There is no study, methodology or software in this world today which has found a solution for this.

This is a world challenge.

There is only one solution to this and that is Dynamic Super Power Trading.

Are you a looking for a right strategy to earn big returns on your investment?
Are you a full time trader looking for ways to capture complete movement in the market?
Are you a retired person or a house wife looking for ways to earn regular income in your free time?
Are you a Tips and Call service provider looking for ways to multiply your business revenue?
Are you a Stock broker? Are you serious about growing your business by multi-fold.

If your answers have been yes,


You are at the right place at the right time!

Have you been burned by trading Tips and Calls in the past that promised the world, but failed to deliver the results?

Are you guilty of wasting your money on low ticket charting data feeds and charting softwares hoping that you will finally find the secret to trading success?

Do you find yourself consistently trying too many research advisories and automated softwares with no results?

Here's the deal

The Problem is, not you!

The real problem is that you are trying to find the answers in the wrong places...

Why I Hate Indicators, So Much is because...

"There is no point in watering a dead flower"
- Dean Steeds

Unfortunately, many of the low - ticket softwares out there don't deliver because almost all of them are meant only to sell but not to provide results, and some are even worse...

...based solely on theory...

"The Horse which has not won- Will Never Win"

In order to find success, you need to learn from someone who has already achieved the level of success you are looking for.

Not only that, but that person has to be willing to show you exactly how they have become successful!

(A lot gurus don't teach you the same methods they use for trading since they themselves are not confident)

I've become really fed up with all of the wrong information and junk out there...

So, every few months, I work personally with investors and traders from across the country, to give them the path to success.

I follow this same path every single day in my trading.

I take these members under my wing and show them the inner workings of Dynamic system and Dynamic Live...

I give them the exact procedure which I have personally used to grow my investment everyday, month after month, year after year.

The members who have followed my trading plan the same way I used to have seen HUGE results.

The Problem is...

...to give someone the one-on-one attention they need to get success, I usually chargefew lakhs of Rupees for my time...

Unfortunately, many people just can't afford to spend this kind of money.

They want and need help from an expert trader, but that type of fee is out of thequestion.

I love this field of Stock markets and trading and I love helping other traders see success.


Because I was there...

I know what it's like to struggle...

If I would not have had a mentor like my master several years ago, I would not be where I'm today.

Due to the massive success I have seen in trading by following my own Dynamic system and Dynamic Live, I've decided to put together a group of coaching program and give you the best.

It is a general tendency of many people to disdain the reality, because reality bites. After all these years of your trading experience, feel this reality which will bite you deep down inside. The reality is, " You can earn 283% returns in options trading every 30 trading days, you can earn 283% returns in futures trading every 8 to 12 weeks." To understand and realise this truth one has to understand "Change".

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." --John F. Kennedy

The stock markets have changed, it changes every year. But not many notice it. The kind of profits one could make some years back and to that one can make today. For example if we look at Index and Index options, in the year 2006 there was a crash. In that crash options had given a opportunity to make 3000% returns during the crash.
Again there was a huge crash in 2008 which was never witnessed before, but in this crash one could have made very less returns compared to 2006 crash.

Similarly In 2009 rally one could have made more than 1500% in options. At the same time in 2014 election rally the move was even bigger than ever before but it gave very less returns compared to any big moves of earlier days.

Even if you start doing a deep research to understand this phenomenon and try to make benefit out of it. By the time you finish your research and conclude on it, things would have changed. Your research would have become outdated.

"All apears to change when we change." -Henri Frederic Amiel

Why stick to outdated ways of trading and waste your time and money. In market there are 47 phases of fluctuations. What ever changes happen in present or in future, all of them fall under these 47 phases. To capture all the moves and to keep capturing for decades after decades to come. This is the place.

"Become a student of change.It is the only thing that will remain constant." -Anthony J D'Angelo

Dynamic Super Power Trading

It is the ultimate trading secret where:

  • you will learn to capture the complete market movement - even the slightest and the largest.
  • there is no guessing, no thinking, it is the coolest way to earn mind-blowing profits.
  • every top& bottom, every GAP up/ GAP down, every crash & rally will be yours.
  • your complete mindset towards trading & investment will change once for all, in turn your life will change for ever.

Dynamic Super Power Trader Workshop to acheive +283% profits

Dynamic Super Power Trader combines all trading methods that support in making 283% profits in Options markets and Futures market with one Dynamic live. Workshop and access to video training materials with Secret Method that tells you when to enter each trade, when to exit and reverse. The creator of Dynamic system & Dynamic live with over twenty years experience in market will help you master the 47 ways of market moves.
If you are practicing just one outdated strategy, then you are not doing enough, you are not taking full advantage of the market.
Trade with Dynamic live method and trade the market from multiple angles with Dynamic Super Power Trader today....

"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." - Ann Voskamp.

Dynamic Live - See it for your self

Inside Workshop: DYNAMIC OPTIONS

The most experienced traders & even the beginners are still confused while trading in options about choosing the right strategy out of all unworthy strategies & above all choosing the right Strike Price with Premium.

After this session you will be able to decide like a professional trader the right strategy out of just 3 simple strategies & the right Strike Price with Premium, all of these in less than 1 minute to achieve 283% returns in every 30 days.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Optimum DYNAMIC funds Allocation

In Optimum Dynamic Fund Allocation you will learn the only way to earn 283% returns in options every 30 days or 283% returns in futures every 8 to 12 Weeks throughout your lifetime.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Extra Profits From Crashes and Election Results

These Majestic movements don't occur every day but one must know to earn Profits during these Crashes to walk that extra mile towards 283%.

In this session you will learn to walk that extra mile no matter even if all hell breaks loose.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Profits From News and Gap up / Gap Down

Who in this world knows to make profits from Gap Ups & Gap Downs? Can they do it every time?

Here you will learn to make profits from Gap Ups & Gap Downs no matter when it happens, no matter how frequent It happens.

Every Gap Up & Gap Down will be yours.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Profits from Quarterly Results

Every Quarterly result are a trap for the traders no matter if the results are in expected lines or the opposite.

Have you ever thought about walking into a trap knowingly & walking out of it successfully? Have you ever thought about doing this repeatedly?

Here you will learn those secret tricks of making profits on any quarterly results, no matter how surprising the results are, no matter how sharp the market moves.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Profits from False Price Breaks

Have you ever heard this term "False price breakout"?

In fact do you know that you are also a victim of false price breakout all these years in your trading career?

In this one session you will learn exactly what needs to be done in a false breakout. Here you will learn to make money on every false breakout.

When there is a Dynamic System & Dynamic Live with you then you won't get "bullied" any more in market.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Sideways Trading Profits

Every Expert in the world, suggest traders to beware or sideways movement, to stay away from sideways market.

But do you know that sideways movement is the best place to earn huge profits, more than what one can earn in trend Market?

Do you know that sideways market is the place where one can earn regular income?

In this one session you will learn how important & simple it is to make profits in sideways market & then get ready for a vacation ride when a trend starts.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Dynamic Super Power Trading 1

"One Important Key to Success is Self Confidence. An Important Key to Self Confidence is Preparation."

In this one session you will learn to prepare yourself completely for next day's trading in advance.

Here you will learn to prepare yourself to achieve 283% returns in options every 30 days, to achieve 283% returns in future every 8 to 12 weeks.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Dynamic Super Power Trading 2

"The work must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness."

In this one session you will learn to implement all that you have learnt in the method with clinical coolness. You will learn how not to get distracted like a street level trader. Here you will learn to make timely changes as situations change without getting distracted to achieve 283% returns in options every 30 days, to achieve 283% returns in futures every 8 to 12 weeks.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Dynamic Super Power Trading Part - 1

Here you will learn to do all that is required to achieve 283% returns in Futures trading every 8 to 12 weeks. Here you will also learn that when you implement all those additional secrets of trading like those for sideways market, Gap Ups & Gap Downs, News & Crashes & many more, that it's not 283% what you get, but It is something even more astonishing returns.

of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Dynamic Super Power Trading Part - 2

Here you will learn to do all that is required to achieve 283% returns in options trading every 30 trading days. Here you will also learn a few additional actions that we take in options which we don't take in Futures trading. This in turn helps in achieving the end goal, even faster than we expected.
of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Inside Workshop: Dynamic Super Power Trading Revision

This is the final conclusion session where all the previous sessions will be summarized and this will also be a question and answer session after which the show begins..
of Strength in becoming DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADER

Just 3 points about Dynmaic Options to make 283% profit every 30 days.

Many traders believe that trading in options is very tough. Many experts suggest that to trade in options successfully, one needs to know those hundreds of options trading strategies.
But do you know that you need to know just 3 points about options to make profits when you have Dynamic System and Dynamic live with you?

Have you ever thought about learning the art of selecting strike price? Has any expert ever thought you about this?
We explain this in just 3 sentences.
Yes forget those age old strategies which have never shown you results. Follow the simplest, the ultimate way of making money in Options.

Do you still fear GAP up and GAP down in market?

     Here is the end to it....
Traders feel betrayed when there is a GAP up or GAP down in market. They would have either missed out the opportunity of trading on big moves or most of them would've been on the wrong side of the market resulting in huge and sudden losses. There are other categories of traders who trade after the GAP movement - GAP trading strategies.

But have you ever thought about having the right position just before the GAP up or GAP down. Do you know that it is possible to know every GAP up or GAP down in market much before it happens?
Dynamic System and Dynamic live is the only tool in this world which will help you make money in these sudden and huge moves in market.

What is the point of identifying sideways movement after it happens?

Most traders or analyst think that they have proven there expertise by identifying sideways market after it has started moving sideways or after they lost some money in sideways fluctuation.

Have you ever thought about a system which tells you when sideways is approaching; when sideways has started; when sideways movement has come to an end. Dynamic live does this, which no other expert in the world could do till date.

Auto trading - Profit making machine

Many believe these days that by following some auto trading method one can simply earn profits without much effort. But not many know the reality that these so called auto trading methods are once again built on those same outdated indicators and tools.Most of them who have designed these Auto trading methods have themselves not tried trading on it, because they are scared of loosing money. And instead selling, automated trading software's seems to be easy way to make money for them.
Making profits in stock market is not as easy as purchasing some data feed for 300 to 400 rupees and designing an auto trading platform. Those who think this way and design methods after methods and those who follow it are simply wasting their time and money.

How many of you have made consistent profit following some auto trading method?
If you have not then ask yourself...
How long do you want to miss your fortune trades, without a Dynamic live with you?
"There is no point watering the dead flower." By, Dean Steed

Identifying trend turning points - "Even the slightest move in the market does not go unmarked by Dynamic live"

By plotting trend lines one can only judge or to some extent confirm that trend has changed. But what is the point in identifying it after it has changed. More over on which time frame do you check this to say that trend has changed?

The latest trend these days is to identify wave patterns to point out the exact trend changing points in market. But is there anyone who can exactly point out the trend changing point using there so called wave theory before it could happen? In fact most of these so called experts point out everything after it has happened. Why think about identifying trend changing point? Why not think about buying at the low and selling at the high?
Dynamic live and Dynamic system tells you as and when it is happening and it also tells you on what action needs to be taken.

Quarterly results: Do or die - trading

Experts say, "If you do it correctly, you can make a lot of money in few days just by trading quarterly results. A stock can go up 10% on a single day when a company reports good earnings." They also say, "Trading quarterly results is a high risk, high reward style of trading. If you are a risk averse investor who cannot tolerate a 10% loss on a single day, then you should not trade on quarterly results. This is not to say trading quarterly results is not profitable."

At last what are they trying to say? The problem here is that no one really knows how to trade on quarterly results and make profits consistently except Dynamic live members. Dynamic live members know just one thing and that is - Just make money, no matter what happens to quarterly results as they know much before the results are announced, exactly which direction the market is going to move.

Optimum Dynamic funds Allocation

For many traders the word Money Management may sound strange and new, for some it may sound as a well know trendy word used these days by many analysts and brokers, for some others this word may sound irritating. But the reality is not many know about its importance.

A good trading system or strategy is worthless without a method of managing your money. But at the same time it also doesn't mean that it will slow down your chances of earning big profits. All you have to do is follow Dynamic super power trading - training program. When you follow the rules of Optimum Dynamic funds Allocation which will be thought in the training, then you will understand that, by maintaining discipline you will still be able to achieve 283% returns.

Intraday trading for quick bucks - Gambling?

Most traders these days or even in the past trade for some quick bucks, for example in Bank nifty they trade for 50 to 100 points, similarly in silver they trade for 50 to 100 points. By trying to do this they almost end up loosing everything they have.

What is the point in trading for 50 to 100 points when the stock or commodity moves by 1000 to 2000 points in a very short span of time? More over has anyone succeeded in achieving this consistently? Are we here to grow our capital or to fulfill our thirst for trading?
Have you ever thought about gaining 9000 points in a script which has moved 5000 points from low to high?
Have you?.....Have you?
Join "Dynamic super power trader" training program. Here you'll see it for yourself.

News & Events - a nightmare

Some say news and Events based trading is a profitable trading technique in Stocks, Commodities & currencies. But when it fails then they say its now insider trading. Is there anyone who can tell, what exactly will be the outcome of any news or event before it could happen?

Why do you want to become a scapegoat? Just follow Dynamic system and Dynamic live, be in a position to trade and show others the outcome of any news or event in terms of your profits earned.

Market crash!... Blood bath in Dalal street...

Are you among those who commit suicide when market crashes? Or Are you the one who keeps saying, "I knew it, I told you that market is going to crash" but doesn't do anything?

Do you want to be among those who make money even if there is sudden crash or big crash in the market by just following Dynamic System and Dynamic live?

Here is what you will get immediately after subscription:

  • Dynamic system installation.

  • Dynamic Live installation.

  • Dynamic Live 1.1 version, 2.1 version, 3.1 version navigation video's - Link.

  • Dynamic System method - Training material.

  • Online workshop connectivity setup and session on the same to check connectivity and other parameters.

Additional Benefits of becoming a Dynamic Super Power Trader Member

  • Access to Dynamic Super Power Trading lessons throughout the year

  • Access to a Dynamic Super Power Trading library where members get access to old lessons and training videos

  • Latest updated versions of Dynamic system will be provided free of cost

  • Latest updated versions of Dynamic Live will be available at a discounted price for existing members.

  • Golden Dynamic Members club :Dynamic Super Power Trader - Achievers Certification for those who achieve 283% returns in 30 days in options trading or 283% returns in 8-12 weeks in futures trading.

Plus you'll Get over Rs. 9,14,612.00/- in Real Value Bonuses

Let us think a bit more practical for a few minutes. Let us have a straight forward and practical discussion, this will help us understand where we stand and what we are supposed to do to achieve lifelong success.

Why do we trade? Have you ever tried to answer this question?

We don't trade just to earn some profits, we trade to earn consistently throughout our lifetime to fulfill our dreams. Goal setting is very important, even before we start thinking about trading. And at the same time we must also make sure that the goal setting is for a Long term.

After all this, we finally trade to achieve our end goal, to reach our destiny, to fulfill our dreams.

But for us to do that we must undergo real training. Real training means, that which really provides a positive end result, which is not fake, which will help us in achieving our goal.

Through this real training you will gain all the required knowledge to start trading. We all know that half knowledge is more dangerous than zero knowledge. So it becomes very important have complete and practical knowledge before we start our trading.

After undergoing training, one must know how to walk the success path. To do things the right way and to attain success for a lifetime, one must have knowledge of:

Bonus 1 - Lifetime Access to Dynamic Library and Member's Area (Value 58,000.00/-)

Members Area - "The place for Redemption"
  • Here you will have access to the complete Dynamic Super Power Trading method video's.

  • Dynamic Library - Here you can access many important training materials from our previous workshops and also regular Lessons throughout the year..

  • Access to Dynamic live navigation video's.

  • Online session video's - If in case you miss out any online session, then you can recap by watching the online session videos.

This is your lifetime guide to successful trading. The more you access them, the more you will become confident in trading.

Bonus 2 - Next Trading Action Plan (NAP)& Training(Value 5,500.00/-)

Most of the traders always take impulsive trading decisions. They try to track each and every news in the market. They follow all those indicators, software's and methodologies about which they don't even have any clue. So while following it, they try to take trading decision in real-time market. And after this if the price reverses against them, they start thinking about the next action. Many times they exit their position since they are not able to handle the stress. This leads to panic, fear and finally loses.

So not having a plan for the next day's trading is as good as gambling.

Here you will learn how to plan for tomorrow's trading today itself.


Bonus 3 - Method management & Training(Value Rs 5,500.00/-)
This is the most crucial point where maximum traders go wrong because of their negligence. After having learnt the complete method and once you start trading, over a period of time there are chances that you will forget some of the crucial points as per the method. Because the disturbance around you will always try to break your focus. This will result in total wrong trades and you will reach a level from where it will become almost impossible to recover.

In method management you will learn how to continue doing the right trades consistently without any diversion from the actual method. This will help you become mentally very strong and you won't lose your focus. After you learn this, you will see that profit making would have become a habit.

Bonus 4 - Add/ Remove planner for F&O trading & Training(Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

Almost every expert says, being greedy cannot lead you to success.

They are absolutely right.

At the same time without greed one cannot move forward.

But controlled greed is always welcome, provided one knows how to control it.

Always understand, we are not here to just make some profit by trying to earn some peanut size returns every month so that life moves on. We are here to reach our destiny. An investment must grow and it should also generate an income. Growth with income cannot be achieved without Read more...

Bonus 5 - Trading Exercise Planner & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

If you want to become a successful trader, then you must master your trading method. It is very important to regularly do trading exercise, if you want to master the Dynamic Super Power Trading method or any other method.

At a stage when your investment has grown considerably and when you plan to add few more scripts in your portfolio, it is very crucial to perform trading exercise before you start trading in those new scripts. It will help you to understand and get used to the price fluctuation of the new script that you plan to trade.

It finally helps you to overcome all the confusion, panic and fear which you will come across in real-time trading.

"Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." -John Keats

Bonus 6 - Portfolio diversification Planner & Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

Do you all want to earn like Warren buffet?

"To reduce risk, portfolio diversification is very important."

Is this what you are expecting us to say?


It is very important to understand the system that we work in, if not after a beautiful growth story suddenly and unknowingly your story will end before the end is near.Read more...

Bonus 7 - Trading plan & routine Planner plus Training (Value Rs 5,500.00/-)

Trading planner is not about planning your trades based on the Tips and calls that you receive or planning your trade according to the experts view.

It is planning your activities is such a sequence that trading becomes a more enjoyable profession.

If you sit for preparing a next action plan just before the market opens, it will not help you. If you plan to switch to few more scripts when the balance has actually increased then it will not help you as well.

It is very important to plan up and practice priorly just before the balance reaches a point where you need to add more scripts under your portfolio. Read more...

Bonus 8 - Pay-out planning & Planner plus Training (Value Rs 18,000.00/-)

Trading and investment in financial market is a business like any other business. A business is not complete if it does not generate regular income.

A successful trader is the one who takes regular payouts from the profits generated through trading. Here you will learn the secrets of when to take payouts and how much money should be taken as a pauoyt.

This is not any theoretical financial planning, this is a practical way of planning your life. That's the reason it has been told that Dynamic Super Power Trading Read more...

Bonus 9 - Knowledge transfer to your next generation - Planner plus Training (Value 5,500.00)

"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves." -Steven Spielberg

Knowledge transfer to your younger generation:

Most of us know that by 2020 India will become the youngest country in the world with approximately more than 464 millions of youngsters. Today every third person in any Indian city is a youth.

Our country's future depends on these youngsters. Their future depends on how we train them, educate them.

Transferring

Bonus 10 - Dynamic Live 1.1 Standard version(Value Rs 87,622.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Spread Trading Method

Bonus 11 - Dynamic Live 2.1 Professional version(Value Rs 1,77,500.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Trader Method

Bonus 12 - Dynamic Live 3.1 Enterprise Version(Value Rs 4,39,990.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Super Power Trading Method

Bonus 13 - Dynamic System 6.1(Value Rs 95,000.00/- Excluding Service Tax)

Including Dynamic Positional Trading Method

How much to get access to this exclusive training

This training is the exact same content I give for my one to one coaching... just in a group setting, so I'm able to keep the cost down...

This is HUGE value that you are receiving. In next few months time I will be launching this same program for no less than Rs 5,00,000/-.

Now, you won't pay anywhere near Rs 5,00,000/- for this training, just be one of the first few lucky people to get access to this, before I close the doors...

If you take action fast you can get started today for just Rs 1,41,029/-

Note for Dynamic Members

Dear Dynamic Members,

You have been enjoying the DYNAMIC LIVE 2.1 & 1.1 FREE for 1 year and reaping its benefits, as it was a commitment from us to all those dedicated and disciplined Dynamic Members.

Now this opportunity of DYNAMIC SUPER POWER TRADING which includes DYNAMIC LIVE 3.1 would be reserved for 1000 DYNAMIC MEMBERS ONLY on First come First Serve basis for this APRIL 2015 Batch.

If registered for APRIL 2015 batch, the Training Fees would be Rs. 1,39,000/- (Dynamic Member Request Fees) as the number of copies are restricted. If you miss this opportunity then the Standard Training Fees of Rs.4,94,370/- would be applicable.

So, Mails of request for the Dynamic Member Request Fees after the APRIL 2015 batch will not be considered.

Wishing you Success.
Best Regards,
Dynamic Team

How do I Join the Dynamic Super Power Trading Workshop?

Becoming a Super Power Dynamic Member is easy, You can register below.

Once you transfer the Payment you will receive mail confirmation from accounts@dynamiclivein

At the moment we are running a limited lifetime membership sign up deal. Post membership one can access the Dynamic Member's area forever. This is a limited time deal and we reserve the right to end this deal at any time, so don't miss out!

Cheers to your trading future, see you on the other side.

Contact : 09591100700
Happy Trading!!!


This is not a software where you simply Buy when there is a Buy signal and Sell when there is a sell signal.

In Dynamic System and Dynamic Live there are many places where, when there is a buy signal one must go short. Similarly there are many places when there is a sell signal one must go long. But without proper training one cannot follow Dynamic System or Dynamic live. When this is the case, what can one understand by just watching the software for few days.

There are 47 phases in price fluctuations in market. To capture these 47 ways, to capture the complete moves, these signals and the Software is designed. It is not designed to just make some profit and come out.

This training is not for those weak minded, impatient, never learning, street level traders. This is for those sophisticated traders who treat this trading business as a serious profession.