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The DYNAMIC LIVE has been "in the making" for the past 13 years...including 2 years of testing-cum-trading in many scrip's on all kinds of market moves i.e. up, down and sideways.

The Brilliance of DYNAMIC LIVE is a combined effort of our Technical Partners from the U.S.A, Hong Kong & China, who are one among the Top Software Giants working for years with us to give the DYNAMIC LIVE its best shape.

We are very particular about Integrating ONLY the correct (original) REAL TIME DATA for DYNAMIC LIVE to give correct SIGNALS for profits. Hence we are proud to announce that we are associated with one of the TOP REAL TIME DATA service providers in the world

This Dynamic System and Dynamic Live quite simply
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This isn't something that could be rolled out haphazardly... as Lakhs of (Rupees of) Money, MANY man-hours, and constant testing and tweaking in ALL KINDS of market conditions were required to create this ultimate tools...

So who exactly IS part of the Dynamic Live Trader Versions? Well, one of the members is a true genius of numbers. Another member is an open-source programmer who was instrumental in creating this Tool.

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This Opportunity is for the one who feels as an Elite 1% of Trader...
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Two Years of trading by following the signals of DYNAMIC LIVE, in its testing period, has fulfilled one of Ravichandran s dream to become a member of one of India's Esteemed Exchange. In other words, Profits from DYNAMIC LIVE has bought us this membership.

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A stock market crash bigger than what happened in 2008 and early 2009 is headed our way. In fact, Dynamic System tracking this major move which could be even more devastating than the 1929 crash... the ramifications of which could hit the economy and Stock Brokers deeper than anything we've ever seen.

Our two decades-old Dynamic research Team feels so strongly about this, that we've invited Members to inform how to protect and gain extra odds in your Trading Profession from the entire next major, "The Great Stock Market Crashes of 2014 or even further" not only major crashes even company results moves, RBI results moves and inventory effects and daily market volatiles can also be tracked easily by you and your clients, which in turn make them earn all major and minor Zig - Zag market moves...

Dynamic Trader Method Tracking a Stock Market Collapse
and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Our research and analysis has led us to proven and time-tested stock market methods that are all signaling the stock market rally that started in 2009 is about to end abruptly.

The good news is that you could protect yourself from the stock market collapse headed our way. The better news is that, if you position your portfolio properly, starting today, you could actually make money during the next devastating down leg of the market while others struggle like never before.

Our Training presents those proven and time-tested Methods one-by-one here, right now, so you can see for yourself why this stock market is teetering on collapse and how you can profit from its demise.

Take a Look at the Live Results of the Tools (Dynamic System and Dynamic Live (under personal testing)) over the Past 5 Years.

Live Trades

"Money isn't made or lost, it simply changes hands
from Street Level Traders to Dynamic Members"

Infy March 2014 Crash
Infy 2014 Crash
Entry Date: 07-03-2014 Entry Price: 3570.20
No Of Trading Days: 10
25,31,385.00 turns into 45,03,285.00
% of Profit Points: 77.90%
Total Profit:19,71,900.00

BankNifty Jan 2014
BankNifty 2014
Entry Date: 24-01-2014 Entry Price: 11016.30
No Of Trading Days: 7
24,23,586.00 turns into 40,85,586.00
% of Profit Points: 68.58%
Total Profit:16,62,000.00

Copper March 2014
Copper 2014
Entry Date: 06-03-2014 Entry Price: 438.20
No Of Trading Days: 10
26,29,200.00 turns into 62,64,200.00
% of Profit Points: 138.25%
Total Profit:36,35,900.00

Gold April 2014
Gold 2014
Entry Date: 08-04-2014 Entry Price: 29245.00
No Of Trading Days: 8
29,24,500.00 turns into 1,04,14,500.00
% of Profit Points: 256.11%
Total Profit:74,90,000.00

Maruti March 2014
Maruti 2014
Entry Date: 05-03-2014 Entry Price: 1620.10
No Of Trading Days: 7
25,92,160.00 turns into 51,41,160.00
% of Profit Points: 98.33%
Total Profit:25,49,000.00

Gold March 2013
Gold 2013
Entry Date: 21-03-2013 Entry Price: 31761.00
No Of Trading Days: 7
3,17,610.00 turns into 8,78,210.00
% of Profit Points: 176.51%
Total Profit:5,60,600.00

BankNifty March 2014
BankNifty 2014
Entry Date: 04-03-2014 Entry Price: 10874.00
No Of Trading Days: 13
24,46,650.00 turns into 42,63,150.00
% of Profit Points: 74.24%
Total Profit:18,16,500.00

Infy Jan 2014
Infy 2014
Entry Date: 10-01-2014 Entry Price: 3527.20
No Of Trading Days:11
25,39,584.00 turns into 35,76,834.00
% of Profit Points: 40.84%
Total Profit:10,37,250.00

Infy Oct 2013
Infy 2013
Entry Date: 09-10-2013 Entry Price: 31223.50
No Of Trading Days: 4
24,93,504.00 turns into 39,33,254.00
% of Profit Points: 57.74%
Total Profit:14,39,750.00

Crudeoil Mar 2014
Crudeoil 2014
Entry Date: 05-03-2014 Entry Price: 6362.00
No Of Trading Days:2
23,02,200.00 turns into 40,06,200.00
% of Profit Points: 74.02%
Total Profit:17,04,000.00

Nifty Jan 2008 Crash
Nifty 2008 Crash
Entry Date: 17-01-2008 Entry Price: 5937.95
Exit Date: 22-04-2008 Exit Price: 5037.05
Profit Points: 900.90

Nifty Marc 2009 Election Result
Nifty 2009 Election Result
Entry Date: 24-03-2009 Entry Price: 2923.80
Exit Date: 09-07-2009 Exit Price: 4078.75
Profit Points: 1154.95

Satyam Crash 9th Jan 2009
Satyam Crash 9th Jan 2009
Entry Date: 16-09-2009 Entry Price: 365.00
Exit Date: 13-04-2009 Exit Price: 50.00
Profit Points: 315.00

Jindalswhl 2007-08
Jindalswhl 2007-08
Entry Date: 18-10-2007 Entry Price: 480.00
Exit Date: 20-03-2008 Exit Price: 2231.00
Profit Points: 1751.00

Be One of the Fortunate Ones: Protect Yourself and Profit
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Awesome results right?
Most other traders who used other outdated technical would have suffered MAJOR losses most of these years-especially during the real estate bubble crash in 2008-when most investors were running for the hills.
But the Dynamic System and Dynamic Live* (*under personal testing) indicated its members to sit pretty cool during all that chaos-without lifting a finger and clearly informed in the form of Signal to "take SHORT Entry and forget" so the Trading profits will roll in without ANY extra manual effort or worrying!

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Here's the deal: Anyone can create software based on back testing and claim it can shovel money into your bank account with no effort from you.

But when it comes to REAL trading in REAL market conditions, you could end up wiping out your brokerage account in minutes.

So that's why the Dynamic System and Dynamic Live created the "constant Probability for elite traders"---a proprietary dynamic formula that senses market conditions-and informs all kind of market movement to traders to trade accordingly.

Because what's the point of making a massive profit in a trending market-"only to give it back to the market when it becomes Sideways?"

The Dynamic Live saw this need and included this in the Tool. And it underwent TONS of testing even in the most Zig-Zag, spikes and sideways market conditions and Successfully came out with a...

This Opportunity is for the one who feels as an Elite 1% of Trader...
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Never you find the Need of another Partner!!!

The best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be - DYNAMIC LIVE!!!

This Opportunity is for the one who feels as an Elite 1% of Trader...
Utilize this offer before the creator changes his mind.

This Opportunity is for Existing Dynamic Members Only...

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That's it! Experience the Dynamic Live and tell us the results in 15 Days.

Dynamic Traders vs. Average Level Traders

Dynamic Traders follow only Dynamic Methods,
Average Traders crack their mind by following many things,
Street Level Traders Blames all kind.

- Ravichandran



With just a couple of Days Trading with DYNAMIC LIVE lets view its performance below:






Bank Nifty Dynamic Tarder Method

Dear Ravichandran Sir,

Yesterday I received the Dynamic System 5.1 version upgrade patch file from your Support Team, would like to know when will I get the User ID and Password for the same.

The Dynamic System is good and helping me, except some range bound situations I have some doubts, I have requested for Training Session and will attend it, but I am eagerly waiting for "Dynamic Live" as it is known that it will help in Range Bound Market situations also. When will the "Dynamic Live" be given to we dynamic Members, what will its cost be, kindly send some more inputs and update about the same.

Waiting for Live.
Dynamic Member.Bangalore.

Hi Mr. Ravichandran,

We have been waiting for your "LIVE" since last april. Is it a mirage? Is is live still? Hey, don t get rich alone yaar. Share with us.

DS Member,Goa.

Dear sir

I am eager to know the launch date of "Dynamic Live" and waiting for the mail for NEW version updation.


DS Member ,Mysore

Hi DS Team




DS Member,Goa.


so i desperately need "Dynamic Live"







Hi Mr. Ravichandran,

Hello Mr. Ravichandran, please let me know when you are giving "Dynamic Live" information. Aswe were told earlier that it shd be ready very shortly (said in April 2011)I am writing this because market is very volatile and we wd have made the most of it.

Pl do not keep us waiting more.

DS Member,Goa.


So far no sign of our "Dynamic Live". All are waiting for long. Please confirm the dates.


DS Member,Goa.

dear sir,
I am waiting for live trading ("Dynamic Live")

Since Last 6 months iam waiting the live

When this live trading we are losing lot of oppurtunities

so when they going start please give me details

DS Member,Bangalore.



from when is live being offered?

DS Member Belgam

dear sir,

love to you all. i know you people are doing a great job to deliver the best tool to us.

sir, the august month has started and there is no new news of "Dynamic Live" till at. your website is showing the same lounching shortly message from past six months,and in workshops it was declared in previous year.

sir, please update some latest news about live and its proceedings.

thanks and regards


DS Member Belgam

Dear Sir,

I am eagerly waiting for your "Dynamic Live" Version. Can you please let me know when can I expect its launching ?


DS Member, Gujarat

Waiting long for "Dynamic Live" .When are we getting it?

DS Member Hyderabad.

Dear Sir,

I was glad to read the advertisement of"Dynamic" MCX Trading platform. As such I would like to know the details about the same.

Also looking forward to "Dynamic Live" soon. Thanking you.


DS Member Goa



DS Member Bangalore